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Double ends notching machine HC8819H HCN.20453

FRA00002485-Trial Video for HC8819H HCN.20453
FRA00002486 trial for HC8819H HCN.20453
HC8819H HCN.20453 How to change mold 1?
HC8819H HCN.20453 How to change mold 2?

Single end push-pull notching machine HC8898A HCN.20456

FRA00000497-Trial Video for HC8889A HCN.20456

FRA0000054-Trial Video for HC8889A-HCN.20456

FRA00000495-Trial Video for HC8889A HCN.20456

HC8889A-HCN.20456-How to Load cutter?

HC8889A-HCN.20456-How to unload cutter?

HC8889A-HCN.20456-How to load mold?

HC8889A-HCN.20456-How to unload mold?

Vertical 3 station drilling machine HC8747

FRA00000495-Trial Video for HC8747

FRA00000497-Trial Video for HC8747

FRA00000054-Trial Video for HC8747

Single end notching machine HC8723A


Trial Video for HC8723A-Machining without mold

Horizontal single end drilling machine HC8723B


FRA00002481-Trial Video for HC8723B

Single end drilling machine HC8723C


Trial Video for HC8723C-Machining without mold

Raw material checking

Checking raw material and inspection jig

Inspection Jig checking

Mold checking