Our Equipment & Skills


Hochier machinery designs and produces special purposed machine , pipe processing equipment such as: boring machine (fine boring, rough boring), cutting machine (arc cutting, arc punching), arc milling machine (arc cutting machine), shrinking and expanding pipe machine , knurling machine, angler, chamfer machine, hydraulic press machine, multi-axis drilling and tapping machine (drilling processing, punching hole processing), drawing machine, automatic feeder and a variety of special equipment for processing pipe. Widely used in bicycles, motorcycles, sports equipment, steel furniture and medical equipment and other uses.

All kinds of hydraulic press special purposed machine not standard machine. Mainly manufactures with pipe, iron pipes and other mechanical equipment. Hochier studies the economic benefits of both hydraulic press machine and CNC special purposed machines.

Our company is different from the general machines on the market. It specializes in manufacturing customized machines (non-standard machines) and has been operating in Taiwan for more than 30 years. Furniture, medical care, bicycles and motorcycle pipes have a considerable experience.

The company adheres to the principle of customer-oriented, reducing labor, and improving production efficiency.

We design and manufacture practical and high-precision machines for customers.