Drawing Machine HC6803A

Drawing Machine HC6803A HCN.21536 Elongate the pipe by drawing it twice. Thinner thickness, better density. Follow your sample and drawing to design machine Machining steps: Load pipe, machining, complete. Advantage: Reduce labour use, increase machining speed and improve the efficiency when producing which help customer reduce cost when making the final product. PipesVideoPipesVideo

Semi-automatic slope forming machine HC2600A

Semi-automatic slope forming machine HC2600A HCN.15192 4-piece mold design, mold length 600mm Maximum production diameter 50.8mm Production speed 10~20mm/sec Machining accuracy +/- 0.05mm Spindle horsepower: 15HP*6P Hydraulic system automatic clamping/pushing Model: HC-TP-2600A Machine name: Semi-automatic slope forming machine. Machine size: 480x100x145cm. Maximum forming range: Æ50.8 mm Motor: 15HP. Forming speed: about 10-15mm/sec. Number of mold…