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Heading machine HC1604M

Heading machine HC1604M HCN.16266 Pipe end heading Follow your sample and drawing to design machine Loading pipe, clamp, machining, complete Reduce labour use, increase machining speed and improve the efficiency when producing which help customer reduce cost when making the final product. PipesVideoPipesVideo

打頭機 HC1604N

打頭機 HC1604N HCN.21535 依照管件要求訂做機台設備 腳踏車管件 管子頭部縮管 加工,完成 優點: 減少人工的使用,加快產品的加工生產,提高產品的生產效率,能讓我們的生產在減少成本的同時增加效益。 PipesVideoOther Heading machine with pipePipesVideo Other Heading machine with pipe