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Semi-automatic double-ended two-stage tube reduction Received a drawing today~ Customer demand for two-stage tube shrinkage for bilateral pipe fittings Two-stage tube reduction | Shrink the tube on both sides | Two-station tube reduction | There are many different ways to say it The relevant statements in English are as follows: Friends in need can refer…

每日管件第1集: 鐵棒,摩托車,中心棒( STKM13C, automotive, shaft steering)

今天要來介紹一支管件 中文名稱叫做 中心棒 / STEM COMP. STGR / shaft steering STEM COMP. STGR Material: STKM13C( JIS G 3445) dimension: Ø33.8 x t 8.5 客戶的需求與問題點 1)生產多款的中心棒,大多都是需要兩個製程。產能不夠應付需要求。需求: 一次成形,一次擠壓完成。 2)希望立式機台設計 后生機械設計200噸油壓專用機,改善客戶的製程,一次成形擠壓完成。 #scooter parts #Performance Scooter parts #Strg.Stem Comp # shaft steering